Welcome to Strategic HR Alliance

Assistance with establishing a new Human Resources department or enhancing the current department.

Training can shorten the learning curve for those leaders new to leadership and their role.

Leadership Coaching for those not new to leadership- Malena will work with the leader to take him/her to the next level of leadership.

The success of your organization is not limited to having effective processes and procedures but in your people.

About Us

Strategic HR Alliance LLC is a Human Resource Consulting and Leadership Coaching business dedicated to helping small businesses and charter schools establish or improve their HR department. We believe that your organization’s most valuable asset is your talent. In today’s competitive business environment, developing and retaining your talent is a significant contributor to your team’s success.

We focus on your people so they can effectively focus on your business.

We will work with your leaders and provide them with tools so they can help their teams reach their maximum potential. We provide training and coaching solutions to improve their influence and productivity as leaders.


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